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The History of the Jeffcock Family

Jeffcock is a pet form of Geoffrey. The name is not recorded in South Yorkshire in the Middle Ages, but was known in Eckington in the fourteenth century. The Jeffcocks were well established in Sheffield when the parish registers commenced in 1560. Lawrence and Robert Jeffcocke were cutlers in 1614. In the hearth tax returns of the 1670's no Jeffcocks were recorded in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire and all the eight households in south Yorkshire were within the boundaries of modern Sheffield (3 in Sheffield, 4 in Ecclesall and 1 in Handsworth). The Handsworth register has over 60 entries for Jeffcocks between 1636 and 1768.

In 1841 Sheffield had 59 Jeffcocks. One of these was William Jeffcock who was Sheffield's first Lord Mayor in 1843. The national registers of births from 1837 -1842 record only 19 Jeffcocks of whom 8 were in Sheffield, 5 in Ecclesall, 2 in Chesterfield, and 1 each in Wortley, Rotherham, Manchester and Warrington. Meanwhile the surname Jeffcott (various spellings) was registered on 53 occasions, mostly in north Warwickshire.

In early 2002 there was a page on the web about the Jeffcock family and may give clues to where the Jeffcock Hobson link occurred. The page diappeard from the web by November 2002 but a copy was obtained and may give some clues to Jeffcock links and some people who have researched the Jeffcock family tree.


William Jeffcock - Sheffield's First Lord Mayor

See William Jeffcock

Samuel Hobson

Samuel Hobson is believed to be one, and possibly the only one, who started the Jeffcock Hobson family line.

For a list of people having the name Jeffcock Hobson or Jeffcock-Hobson see Jeffcock Hobson Family Tree

Other Facts


This has always been in Sheffield. Source Sandra Gillott - Handsworth Historical Society


This became part of Sheffield in 1921. Handsworth Church was a soak for other churches in the area including Gleadless in Hollingsend Road, Intake. Source Sandra Gillott - Handsworth Historical Society


The modern calendar with the first day of the year being 1st January was only adopted in the UK in 1752. Prior to that date the first day of the year was March 25th. For more details about calendars see how calendars affect genealogy.


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